Business and Organizational Meeting Agenda

Create a final draft of our vision/mission statement

What do we need to begin carrying out our mission?

  • Being a community
    • Incorporation/non-profit status/legal issues
    • Governance
    • Membership – covenant, expectations, support
  • Worship
  • Religious education (incorporating kids in the service, and kids and adult RE in addition to worship)
  • Other programs
  • Communication
  • Publicity and outreach
  • Space
  • Resources – time, talents, treasure
  • Developing and maintaining policy and procedure

Agree on a timeline

Agree on further steps

  • How do we do long-range planning? Do we keep working as a “committee of the whole” or have a groups or groups who work on specific issues?
  • Who will be responsible for what?

Resources to read before the meeting:
From the UUA Office of Growth blog

A Florida UU Minister’s thoughts

Additional Resources

WV Business Structures

WV Code – Voluntary Association
WV Code – Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Application form
WV Code – Nonprofit Corporation

Registration to Perform Marriages and WV Code

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