Covenant of Right Relations

We, the members of West Fork Unitarian Universalists, affirm this covenant of right relations to strengthen the bonds of trust and loyalty in our community and to diminish the chances of hurt and disillusion in times of disagreement.

In adopting this covenant we seek to create an atmosphere of honesty, respect, trust, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, and loyalty within our congregation. Right relations are the foundation on which a safe and healthy congregation is based. To this end, we pledge to govern our actions and our speech by the spirit and letter of this covenant.

We will:

  • Be true to our chosen path and support others on their own journey
  • Recognize our shared leadership and express gratitude for the efforts of others
  • Work for the common purpose—remaining committed to the group
  • Honor the commitments we make to individuals and the congregation
  • Be responsible for our own well-being, behavior, and choices
  • Seek out and welcome visitors
  • Practice open communication, sharing news, decisions, and issues that affect our community life
  • Practice deep, open, and respectful listening
  • Focus on the message not the messenger—critiquing ideas not people
  • Allow sufficient time to identify, explore, and work through disagreements and conflicts
  • Seek and provide clarification about assumptions and expectations
  • Share strongly held convictions openly rather than withholding input
  • Use “I” statements, taking responsibility for speaking our own truth
  • Be appreciative and gentle with ourselves, be attuned to how we relate to others, and learn sensitive and clear communications skills
  • Respect confidentiality by keeping confidences and not asking others to break them
  • Be loyal to those absent and refrain from criticism of those who are not present
  • Speak directly and privately with individuals with whom there is a misunderstanding, concern or disagreement
  • Attempt to resolve controversies on policies, programs or finances through the relevant committee or channel
  • Care for and communicate with our children and youth by offering them friendly and welcoming greetings, giving our respect and encouragement, and complimenting their participation
  • Offer our time as we are able, sharing our values and beliefs, our activities and activism, and our expertise with our children and youth in a way that is supportive and helpful
  • Sustain our work by learning about our policies and procedures, preparing for meetings, learning about issues, and actively participating
  • Carry the UU message with us and convey it to others when appropriate
Adopted 24 Jun 2012

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