Sharing and Listening

  • Treat each other with extraordinary respect
  • You do not have to agree with or believe anything that is said. Your job is to listen for understanding.
  • Give your full attention to the person who is talking; and talk to the entire group when you speak yourself.
  • Keep an open mind: do not prejudge others; do not evaluate other people’s ideas, thoughts, or feelings; do not try to “fix” other people’s problems or change their beliefs.
  • Speak from your own experience and search for truth, and only for yourself; do not generalize; say “I”, not “we”; and do not assume that others share your perspective.
  • You may choose not to talk; listening is also participation.
  • Make every effort not to leave during the meeting, and ask the group’s permission if you must leave; do not attend if you know in advance you cannot stay for the entire meeting.
  • What happens in the group stays in the group; outside the meeting, do not discuss in any way that could identify individuals what other people said in the meeting, not even with others who were there.

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