WV Interfaith Refugee Ministry

When asking yourself, “but what can I do, I am just one person?” The answer is always to find others and band together. 

Here is an opportunity to do just that. 


Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries – NYTimes.com

“Yesterday’s executive order targeting refugees and Muslims is an affront to the core values of the United States. Our country has always been a beacon of liberty, and we should not now close our doors to people fleeing violence, hate, oppression, or persecution. All of the world’s major religions affirm the moral imperative to welcome the stranger. Unitarian Universalist congregations welcome individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. I mourn with all of those whose hopes of a better future have been dashed due to the actions of President Trump.” -The Rev. Peter Morales, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association

Global Unitarian and Universalist community gathers in the Netherlands


Inspired by the Spirit of Life and with a commitment to the ideals of freedom and reason in religion. 
We, the member groups of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, affirming our belief in religious community based on
liberty of conscience and individual thought in matters of faith
the inherent worth and dignity of every person
justice and compassion in human relations
responsible stewardship of the earth’s living system
and our commitment to democratic principles,
Declare the mission of the ICUU is to empower existing and emerging member groups to sustain and grow our global faith community.


Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go seems to have taken over the thoughts of America right now. We found this post from the UU church in Fresno and thought we would share. 



PS: also if you are out there playing, pick up some litter and be careful.