Planning 6 Nov 2022

Some reading you may want to do before the planning session:

A free religion radiant with a humanising light that the darkness will never overcome

“Belonging to a Unitarian Universalist Congregation: Are we a Family?” by Reverend Tom Capo

“Belonging: The Meaning of Membership” A Report by the Commission on Appraisal, Unitarian Universalist Association, June 2001

Two pieces on worship How To Write and Deliver a Sermon and The Straight Dope: A Blunt Guide To Best Practices For Lay Worship Leaders, both by Rev. Victoria Weinstein, of the PeaceBang blog. (And also of the Beauty Tips for Ministers Blog which includes her Directing Worship and Flubs video.)

Those who are service leaders or would like to be might look at Our Worship Resources page for service leaders (there is a link to our Google Drive with our sample service outlines and advice).

Our previous planning

About us – our mission, bylaws, etc.


Review of our previous plans

Discussion: What do you love about our congregation? What are you missing?

Setting priorities for moving forward

Review of planning for worship