9 Phrases Allies Can Say When Called Out Instead of Getting Defensive

There are many isms we are fighting on the way to equality for all people. Whether is be racism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, or any other system of oppression, if we are not from the marginalized group, we are not going to have all the answers or do everything right. As Unitarian Universalists we want to “answer the call of love” and help change the world, but sometimes we have to start with ourselves. This article by Sam Dylan Finch has better ways to deal with being called out by marginalized people, because being defensive does not get us anywhere. 


Perhaps we need to be a little less polite … 

We struggle to find the best ways to show out fellow human beings that they are worthy of dignity and respect. In this article a German discusses how Americans are often too polite when it comes to dismantling hatred and oppression. With the recent changes in the political realm, we need to pay attention to the lessons of history. When answering the call of love, we need to be more firm. We are to be there for the defense of others. 



Activities for Day One

The first principle is  believing the inherent worth and dignity of every person or Each Person is Important.

Here are some activities that can help you celebrate the worth and dignity of everyone.

As an Individual
As the principle states, “Each person is important.” That means you too! Do something special for yourself today.

Gather family or friends and plan a meal where everyone’s favorite food is represented. Spaghetti with a side of jelly beans? Why not, it’s the first night of Chalica!

The adult version of this principle states that we believe in “the inherent worth and dignity of every person.” So, what makes the people in your life special? For each person in your circle, write down what you love most about them. Then, give each person their list.


Sunday, October 4, 2016: Defying the Nazis

Martha and Waitstill Sharp

Welcome: To Remind Ourselves What Is Real, By Elena Westbrook

In a world ravaged by violence, by hatred,
by conflicts that seem eternal and insoluble,
sometimes the only thing we can do
is be still for a moment
to remind ourselves what is real:
the sun that rose this morning,
the dirt under our feet,
the air whispering in and out of our lungs.

This hour, try just to be present in each moment as it unfolds.
Your simple attention is what makes these moments holy.

Chalice lighting: Embrace The Night, By Jennifer Leota Gray

Universal mystery,
Guide us away from the desire to
Shine light in all the corners.
Teach us to embrace the night,
For without the darkness,
We never see the stars.

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Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go seems to have taken over the thoughts of America right now. We found this post from the UU church in Fresno and thought we would share. 



PS: also if you are out there playing, pick up some litter and be careful.