Chalica 2019 Day 3

Chalica is a week long holiday celebrating the Seven UU Principles. It is a time of reflection, community, and living our faith.

Here are some ways to help you celebrate.


A Meditation:

Marginal Wisdom by Leslie Takahashi

A thought to Ponder:

The adult version of this principle states we accept one another. Who do you have a hard time accepting?

A Song:

A Story:


Yellow picture credit to Kris Nobis Cervantes. 

The 3rd principle in a post election world

Our third UU principle says we will affirm and promote acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations. Are there some ways to encourage one another that don’t sound like judgment or advice?” 

These words were a part of the sermon delivered by Rev. Meg Barnhouse this past Sunday.  For me it it was a needed reminder that we have to remain true to ourselves and how we can still do that while upholding out principles. Below are links to the podcast and the transcript of the sermon.

Cricket via @PodcastAddict

Acceptance and encouragement