UU Lent – Day 17 – Doubt

“The freedom to doubt, to question, to be content to live in Mystery is central to the liberal religious tradition. Like the process of evolution itself, the path that we follow—our practice—is not easy or simple. It isn’t without its dead ends or its disappointments. It doesn’t guarantee that all of our conclusions will be final or that we will ever find an answer to all of our questions. But also like the process of evolution, it is filled with great expressions of beauty and awe that are sometimes born of great struggle and at other times come as unexpected grace.” – Paul Stephan Dodenhoff

Making Space for our Doubts by Becky Brooks

Meditation on Doubt 

Robert T. Weston wrote this responsive reading about doubts. 
In this song from A Chorus Line Lea Salonga explores doubting yourself and being trained to doubt yourself. 

We all have doubts. Sometimes we have to sit with that doubt.