Can we still be good neighbors in an election year?

This quote from the article spoke to me, “Each presidential campaign cycle seems to have less and less to do with governing or democracy, and more to do with deepening our divisiveness. Democracy requires disagreement and the skills to manage it, listening and tolerance.”  What spoke to you?


Sunday February 21, 2016: The Commandments

This Sunday’s service will continue the discussion from the 10 a.m. Adult Religious Education ‘Are the Ten Commandments out of date? If so, how can we nail down some ethical convictions when, morally, “everything nailed down is coming loose”?’

You can come at 10 for the beginning of the discussion, or just to the service at 11. Bring your own commandments.

Please join us for coffee and conversation at 10:45 a.m. at the Progressive Women’s Association’s Uptown Event Center, 305 Washington Ave. in downtown Clarksburg, West Virginia.  The worship service starts at 11:00.  Our ongoing Religious Education classes begin at 10:00. The current reading for Adult RE is here.

10 Commandments

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