The Unitarian Universalist Association Condemns Family Separation at the U.S./Mexico Border | Press Releases |

“The policy of this administration to separate children from their parents at the border is immoral, inhumane and indefensible,” says UUA president, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray. “These families arrive desperate for safe-haven, seeking asylum having fled violence and disruption in their own homeland – and instead of safety, they are further traumatized, victimized and criminalized at the hands of the U.S. government.”


How to Make Worship Kid-Friendly

Not by making the worship service into a consciously “kid friendly” entertainment, or by shunting the kids off to “Sunday school” during the worship service, but by modeling your services so that families are totally included.

“‘Traditional’ shouldn’t imply ‘old.’ It should include both old and new elements in an expression of faith that is rooted in history, supported by the historic liturgical framework, but always looking forward.”