Courage For Black Lives Matter: Love Letter to White Unitarian Universalists (and other white folks too) – See more at:

“The Black Lives Matter movement is the leading struggle for racial justice of our times. It is a movement led by Black people who are women, queer, youth, working class, including Black UUs around the country. It is a movement to end institutional racism and to respect the inherent worth and dignity of all people. It is a movement for collective liberation.”

This article  by Chris Crass is about why the Black Lives Matter movement is so important to UUs. It also has some great ideas on how to support the movement towards the end of the article.




How an Austin church agreed to offer an immigrant sanctuary | UU World

“The call for sanctuary for Sulma Franco came to First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, where I’m senior minister, because we have the reputation of being welcoming to LGBT folks, and because the Rev. Marisol Caballero, minister of religious education and congregational engagement, had been doing antiracism work within the congregation and beyond. Word had gotten out in the immigrant community.

Could we help?”

Courage leads to change in this world.

This congregation lived out the first and second principles.


The Dangers of a Single Story

The Nigerian story teller, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, explains in this video how stories give us different views of the world. With humor, grace, and personal anecdotes, she illustrates that the single story creates incomplete stereotypes which makes people lives a flat experience.

I believe that listening to multiple stories we are able to increase the dignity of others.



How to deal with other’s sadness?


Too many times we jump to solving the problem when the other person just needs to vent. Sometimes we inadvertently invalidate the feelings of others because we are too busy trying to find solutions instead of giving them comfort.  This picture is a cute and helpful reminder for how we should approach situations like this. This is respecting the dignity of others.