Sunday, February 3, 2019

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.” – English Proverb

This Sunday, John Hall will present a lesson about Groundhog Day.

We would love to have you come worship with us.

Our services are Sundays at 11 a.m.  at the Progressive Women’s Association Event Center, 305 Washington Ave. in downtown Clarksburg, behind the Courthouse. There are classes for children and adults 10 to 10:45 am, and a coffee gathering before the service. More about us.

Classes and worship are replaced by Spiritual Outings on the first Sunday of each month during the summer, with brief worship, a potluck picnic, and outdoor activities. The schedule is in the sidebar.

Children are welcome.  There is childcare and an activity for young children during the service.

The building is wheelchair accessible, with an accessible restroom.


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Blessed Imbolc

Today is a special day. We are halfway through winter. The world is starting it’s wakeup cycle. Imbolc, also known as Candlemas and Groundhog’s Day, occurs at the beginning of February. It marks the middle of Winter and holds the promise of Spring. The Goddess manifests as the Maiden and Brigid. It is a festival of spiritual purification and dedication. There are many different rituals and activities to do for this holiday, some can be found here. One of my favorites is “waking up the trees“.

Here is a small devotion or meditation for the day.

Prayer in Winter By Deborah Weiner

Oh spirit of life and love,
We pause for a moment on this snowy day to reflect on the changes one week can make in our lives.

We celebrate the feast of Imbolc, the pagan holiday that heralds the coming of spring.
Our hearts stir with the thought that lambs are being born, that the light is increasing, that—if not here, than in other parts of our country—the earth has begun to stir from its winter sleep.

We bow to the forces of nature that have stirred, again and again, and reminded us, through storms and sudden changes in our weather, that we are not in charge—that earth is moved by jet streams, polar vortices, and Alberta Clippers and we must endure and be patient.

And through it all, we are reminded, again and again, that we are not alone:
May we continue to recognize that in this spiritual home, we are held.
In this house of memory and hope, we will be welcomed and supported.
In this temple of celebration and contemplation, we may bring all of who we are,
and be both honored and affirmed.

For all this and all that will come in the days ahead, we say “Amen” and Blessed Be.