We can do better. We should do better.

Earlier this week, UU World published a problematic, hurtful, and harmful article. Instead of writing my own response, I am passing the mic. In their article on Medium, CB Beal “Centering the Marginalized: symphony and triptych” describes why the UU World article was so upsetting and how we can do better in the future.

“When we want to do justice, and I believe that UU’s do, we have always to ask ourselves “Who is this about, and where is their story?”” – CB Beal

Alex Kapitan also made a public response on Facebook. 

And here is the Response from TRUUsT : “Putting the “T” First: Public Statement on This Week’s UU World Article” written by the TRUUsT Steering Committee.

Please read them and share them widely.


Image Credit to Su’ad Abdul Khabeer from their twitter account @DrSuad.

We Are Orlando

In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando I have a few words. To the members of the LGBTQI community, those who are my friends and family and those who barely know and those who I do not know. Please know that you are loved. There are people who are saying and doing terrible things, but they do not speak for all of us.


Do not use this tragedy to hide yourself. Do not let these mean people take away your light. I and many others are here for you and we will stand and fight for you. We love you. We do not want you to crawl back into closets or worse options. We want you to be full of pride. We want you to be full of life. We want you to have the chance to live an authentic life.

YOU ARE LOVED. KNOW that if you know nothing else today.

Here is the official UUA Statement from our President Rev. Peter Morales  https://www.uua.org/pressroom/press-releases/orlando-mass-shooting-uua-president-offers-prayers-victims-community


our image credit goes to Jessica Ferguson of http://www.onetinyelephant.com.