Blessed Imbolc

Today is a special day. We are halfway through winter. The world is starting it’s wakeup cycle. Imbolc, also known as Candlemas and Groundhog’s Day, occurs at the beginning of February. It marks the middle of Winter and holds the promise of Spring. The Goddess manifests as the Maiden and Brigid. It is a festival of spiritual purification and dedication. There are many different rituals and activities to do for this holiday, some can be found here. One of my favorites is “waking up the trees“.

Here is a small devotion or meditation for the day.

Prayer in Winter By Deborah Weiner

Oh spirit of life and love,
We pause for a moment on this snowy day to reflect on the changes one week can make in our lives.

We celebrate the feast of Imbolc, the pagan holiday that heralds the coming of spring.
Our hearts stir with the thought that lambs are being born, that the light is increasing, that—if not here, than in other parts of our country—the earth has begun to stir from its winter sleep.

We bow to the forces of nature that have stirred, again and again, and reminded us, through storms and sudden changes in our weather, that we are not in charge—that earth is moved by jet streams, polar vortices, and Alberta Clippers and we must endure and be patient.

And through it all, we are reminded, again and again, that we are not alone:
May we continue to recognize that in this spiritual home, we are held.
In this house of memory and hope, we will be welcomed and supported.
In this temple of celebration and contemplation, we may bring all of who we are,
and be both honored and affirmed.

For all this and all that will come in the days ahead, we say “Amen” and Blessed Be.



Happy Yule

Today is the Winter Solstice! Hope you have a beautiful day!

If you are looking for ways to celebrate here are some ways for you to do that. I also found some ideas to do with children here.

 Here is a devotional for today:

Winter Solstice Meditation By Christine C Robinson

We join our hearts and minds together in a time of meditation or prayer; spoken, silent, sung, and shared. It is a precious time, and all precious times want preparation, so I invite you to settle yourself in a straight posture, both feet grounded on the floor, to take a deep breath, hold it until you notice your need to breathe out, and relax. I invite you to close your eyes, for vision is the single most energy intensive activity of our brains.

These next few days are the days of the Winter Solstice, a time when those who are very attentive to the skies note that the sun, which has relentlessly moved southward on the horizon since last June, seems to pause on its journey before beginning to climb northwards to center again. Solstice is a time of pause. So…pause. Breathe. Relax. Rest. Be at peace.

Spirit of winter rest, help us to enjoy your peace in this quiet place. 
Remind us to pause during this season. 
Grant us awareness, keep our gratitude fresh each day. 
May the songs in our heart be blessings and insights to us and to others 
and may compassion always shine forth from the depths of our hearts.

I hope you have a blessed solstice.



Sunday December 18, 2016

Prelude: What Night is This? vocals, keyboards, adaption- Katerina El Haj
guitar- Jay Myerson –


This is the Solstice,
the still point of the sun,
its cups and midnight,
the year’s threshold
and unlocking, where
the past lets go of and
becomes the future;
the place of caught breath,
the door of a vanished
house left ajar.

Margaret Atwood

Song: Gathered Here

Chalice Lighting:  In the Bleak and Cold Winter By Cynthia Landrum
In the bleak and cold winter,
We gather ourselves in
To light the fire to warm our spirits,
To kindle the flame of love and hope.

Song: The Principles Song (to the tune of Do Re Mi):
One, each person is important.
Two, be kind in all you do.
Three, we’re free to learn together.
Four, and search for what is true.
Five, all people have a voice.
Six, build a fair and peaceful world.
Seven, we care for Earth’s lifeboat.
That will bring us back to me and UU.

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Sunday October 30, 2015

Our service this week will be about the pagan sabbat of Samhain. The harvest had ended. Fall has begun. Winter is coming. And yet, this is the time of hope as we connect to our past and look foward to our future .