UU Lent 2020 – Day 5 – Sanctuary

🎶Make us aware we are a sanctuary Each made holy loved right through
with thanksgiving we’ll be a living
sanctuary a-new 🎶

The dictionary defines sanctuary as a place of refuge or safety.

The reflection That They May Have Like-Mindedness by DeReau K. Farrar talks about what brings us together and keeps us alive. The prayer at the end is powerful:

“That which is in us and all around us and which constantly draws us to our holiest selves, commit my heart to the call of making life more abundant — for myself as fiercely as for others. Drive me away from comfort that excludes, hates, or divides. And remind me every day that I am not the end of knowing. Amen.”

Praying for Refuge


As we hear news of tragedies facing refugees, asylees, and immigrants around the world, we offer this prayer and hold all those suffering in our hearts. “May your grief and loss be assuaged. May the hard road you travel include spaces of rest and security. May you know your inherent worth and dignity every day of the journey.” Read the full prayer on WorshipWeb

with a heavy yet hopeful heart,