UU Lent 2020 – Day 5 – Sanctuary

🎶Make us aware we are a sanctuary Each made holy loved right through
with thanksgiving we’ll be a living
sanctuary a-new 🎶

The dictionary defines sanctuary as a place of refuge or safety.

The reflection That They May Have Like-Mindedness by DeReau K. Farrar talks about what brings us together and keeps us alive. The prayer at the end is powerful:

“That which is in us and all around us and which constantly draws us to our holiest selves, commit my heart to the call of making life more abundant — for myself as fiercely as for others. Drive me away from comfort that excludes, hates, or divides. And remind me every day that I am not the end of knowing. Amen.”

UU Lent 2019 – Day 38 – Sanctuary

According to Merriam Webster, Sanctuary is

1) a consecrated place: such as
athe ancient Hebrew temple at Jerusalem or its holy of holies
b(1)the most sacred part of a religious building (such as the part of a Christian church in which the altar is placed)
(2)the room in which general worship services are held
2) a place of refuge and protection

a)a refuge for wildlife where predators are controlled and hunting is illegal
b)the immunity from law attached to a sanctuary


Sunday March 26, 2017

Prelude: Persephone Smiles by Heather Jinmaku

Welcome: Springtime Call to Worship By Susan Davison Archer

The earth is warming, the birdsong increases, the sweeter breezes brush our cheeks, and the earth holds hope in its seeds and buds.
Come, let us gather this morning, with joyful noise, with warm hearts, and with hopeful spirits, for we are one with the renewal of the earth and blessedly held in the love of one another.

Song: Sanctuary

Make us aware we
are a sanctuary
Each made holy
loved right through
with thanksgiving
we’ll be a living
sanctuary a-new

 Chalice Lighting: Our Souls Speak Spring By Evin Carvill Ziemer

 If we lived in another climate
Our souls might speak other languages
We might speak oasis or permafrost, dry season or monsoon

But our souls speak spring
Our souls speak green shoots pushing through last year’s leaves
Our souls speak flower buds stretching to sun
Our souls speak mud puddle and nest building, damp earth and worm castings, tiny green leaves and frog choruses

We speak spring because spring sings in us
We gather to nurture our faith in our own growing
Our own courage to push through
Our own blossoming in beauty
Our own small part in the spring of this world

Come, let us worship together

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Meditation on Sanctuary

Today is the day of rest. Today is the day to focus on what heals us and makes us feel safe. Today is the day to lift up and celebrate Sanctuary. This article from positive news focuses on the need for sanctuary in our busy lives. I have also shared our church’s mission statement as refuge is a synonym for sanctuary and the lyrics to a song. I hope you find all three benefitial in your search for sanctuary today.



Our Mission
Be a beacon and a refuge for all
Worship joyfully
Grow in spirit
Touch our community

“Make us aware we
are a sanctuary
Each made holy
loved right through
with thanksgiving
we are a living
sanctuary a-new.” – Christian Praise Song with words rewritten by one of the UU Churches in Boston.

How an Austin church agreed to offer an immigrant sanctuary | UU World

“The call for sanctuary for Sulma Franco came to First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, where I’m senior minister, because we have the reputation of being welcoming to LGBT folks, and because the Rev. Marisol Caballero, minister of religious education and congregational engagement, had been doing antiracism work within the congregation and beyond. Word had gotten out in the immigrant community.

Could we help?”


Courage leads to change in this world.

This congregation lived out the first and second principles.