Holy F*** | The VUU – S8 E362

This week, we welcome Rev. Oscar Sinclair, Rev. Kimberley Debus, and Rev. Laura Kampa Thompson to explore where true vulgarity lies, not our language—profanity and curse words—rather in the inhumane actions of our nation—poverty, anti-black violence, and war.

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Chalica 2017 Day 4

For each day of Chalica we will offer activities, some are fun and some are more reflecting, a chalice lighting, and a meditation. Gather everyone together, light the chalice, and breathe into the principles with us each day.


  • Find answers to questions in your family question box or find the answer to a question you have wanted to learn for a long time.
  • Go the whole day without lying (no white lies, answer honestly when people ask how you are, no lies of convenience).
  • Unitarian Universalism is a very long name, and not many people know much about it. Create an elevator, or playground, speech so you can tell people what it means to be a UU in one minute or less.
  • Check out a podcast like The Pamphlet or The VUU to learn some history or about something going on in the UU movement at the moment.
  • Do a science experiment.
  • Write a journal entry with your thoughts on truth and meaning. What does it mean to search for them? What is a free and responsible search?
  • Walk a labyrinth or do a virtual labyrinth meditation

Chalice Lighting: (If you don’t have a chalice at home, remember that the point of a chalice is that it is a symbol so any candle will work.)

The Meaning of the Chalice By Martha Kirby Capo

For some, the chalice cup is a communion cup, freely offered to all who would seek the greater Truth. Others see the circle of fellowship in its embracing sides. The sacred hoop of its rim, the ambient energy cradled in its basin, the abiding, grounded strength of its pedestal: may all be lit by the fire of spiritual integrity; so too may we each be bathed in the glow of our shared Truth, multifaceted and radiant.

Meditation: Today there are two meditations.

Hide and Seek with God by Mary Anne Moore

Try to Love the Questions Themselves by Rainer Maria Rilke

Here is a Music Meditation for you. It is “I Know This Rose Will Open” performed by the Clarence High School Treble Choir

Season’s Blessings,