Sunday, August 8, 2021


Good morning and welcome to West Fork Unitarian Universalists. I’m Cricket Hall and I feel blessed to serve this congregation as a lay leader. I’m glad to see all of you here today.

Thank you for joining us.

Let us use the prelude for centering. We are about to enter sacred time. We are about to make this time and this place sacred by our presence and intention.

Please silence your phones… and as you do so, I invite us also to turn down the volume on our fears; to remove our masks; and to loosen the armor around our hearts.


Let go of the expectations placed on you by others—and those they taught you to place on yourself.

Drop the guilt and the shame, not to shirk accountability, but in honest expectation of the possibility of forgiveness.

Let go of the thing you said the other day. Let go of the thing you dread next week. Be here, in this moment. Breathe, here.

Opening Words: Wholeness by Sharon Wylie

Welcome Song: STLT #361 Enter, Rejoice, and Come In

Chalice Lighting: The Element of Fire Represents Passion, Veracity, Authenticity, and Vitality by Sarah Lammert

Rainbow Principles

Story for all Ages: The Blue Jackal who Showed his True Colors

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