Sunday, April 7, 2019

“Voting is not only our right—it is our power.” – Loung Ung

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This Sunday, John Hall will talk about the history of Voting Rights and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Classes and worship are replaced by Spiritual Outings on the first Sunday of each month during the summer, with brief worship, a potluck picnic, and outdoor activities. The schedule is in the sidebar.

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Children are welcome.  There is childcare and an activity for young children during the service.

The building is wheelchair accessible, with an accessible restroom.


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UU Women and Voting

Here is a piece from the UUA’s Worship Web called Skit for Famous UU Women.

As our election nears, I worry about our voices being heard. I worry that there are people who will not use their vote because they feel disenfranchised, scared, tired, and alone. What I say to you, though, is that we need to raise our voices. The president is not the only vacancy to feel. There are members of congress. There are state governments and local governments.

The piece I am sharing with you today, I’m certain would be more powerful if heard, rather than read, but even just on paper it speaks to the need to raise our voices and use our votes. The point of an election is to be heard. We need to be brave like the women in this reading and speak up.