We Need One Another

Erik Walker Wikstrom

We come together this morning because within us there is something that knows we need more than we can find in our aloneness. We know—instinctively, in the depths of ourselves—that we need others for this journey of life even though we also guard our independence and individuality quite jealously.

And just as we come together as individuals to make this congregation, so our Unitarian Universalist congregations come together to form an Association—the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations—because we need more than we can find in our aloneness. We, too, guard our independence and our individuality, yet in our togetherness we are so much more than we can ever be on our own.

So on this Association Sunday, let us celebrate all that makes us unique yet also all that makes us one, and let us dream dreams of all that we can do… together.

Source: Association Sunday 2009

Found this today in my Illuminations App. We do all need each other. Hopefully we can recognize this and work together for a better world.