Building Your Own Theology Class

Schedule, Readings, and Worksheets

“And to use the classic UU Building Your Own Theology curriculum as an example, the starting point is not studying traditional theologies from the past (that comes at the midpoint). The starting point is autobiography: owning more fully how your life story and your firsthand experience affects, shapes, and informs how you construct theology. And perhaps I should also clarify that Building Your Own Theology — at least as far as Unitarian Universalism is concerned — does not require theism, a belief in God. In contrast, there is much potential benefit for both theists and atheists, Buddhists and Pagans, Christians and Jews in doing the hard work of articulating what you do (and don’t) believe about God (or reality), human nature, religious community, ethics, and the future of our species and the universe — and doing all of that in conversation with your religious community.”

From a post by The Rev. Dr. J. Carl Gregg (D.Min., D.A.S.D., M.Div., B.A.), minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick, Maryland.

Starting November 1 we will have a Building Your Own Theology class at 10 am, before coffee and the worship service.  The class will probably run through March, depending on how long we take for discussions each week.

The class won’t teach you what to believe, but to think about what you already believe in a systematic way, how your beliefs have changed, learn what others believe and why, and build our community.

There is homework! Brief (two or three pages) readings every week or two and some exercises to do on your own to prepare for discussion.  By the end of the class, you will have written your own creed.

The discussion is a lot of the learning, so being there for most of the classes is good, but the readings and worksheets will be available online so you can keep up when you can’t be there.

Lisa deGruyter is facilitating; she took the class, and then taught it twice, at First UU Austin years ago. She’s looking forward to seeing how her beliefs have evolved since then (and hopes they have!)

Schedule and materials