In Times of Hysteria

I know a lot of us are feeling this.

One of the most difficult experiences of democracy is to watch your country going crazy, and feel responsible. In a dictatorship you could just zone out: The Powers That Be will do what they do, and your opinion doesn’t matter anyway. Your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers — their opinions don’t matter either, so there’s no point in arguing with them, or even letting them know you disagree. You might as well just binge-watch something light on TV, and wait for the wave to pass.

In a democracy it’s different: We are the wave.

Doug Muder has a practical (and inspiring) 6-point plan.

(In the 90s, I was in an email UU discussion group that included Doug.  It was my second church, and in many ways a better faith community for me than my local church.  We discussed – argued in the best sense – a lot, and I learned so much. Doug’s weekly posts now are a great source of learning and strength for me. – Lisa)