Broken Hallelujah


Bring your broken hallelujah here.

Bring your broken hallelujah here.
Bring the large one that is beyond
Repair. Bring the small one that’s
too soft to share. Bring your broken
Hallelujah here. I know that people
Have told you that before you can give
You have to get yourself together. They
Overstated the value of perfection by a
Lot. Or they forgot. You are the gift.
We all bring some broken things, songs
and dreams, and long lost hopes. But
here, and together, we reach within.
As a community, we begin again. And
from the pieces we will build something new.
There is work that only you can do. We
wait for you.

-Theresa I. Soto


My friend Theresa wrote this and I thought that is was too perfect not to share. Hope that you all find it as comforting as I did.

Blessings of Peace,