Sunday, May 14, 2017: Hypocrite!

Empress with two faces

Hypocrite: it’s an ugly word, a vicious word. It’s a word I heard a lot when I was young. It’s a word I hear a lot lately, spat as if a weapon against someone we think is merely pretending to believe something they truly do not, is not truly living up to the beliefs they proclaim despite holding others accountable to them. We Unitarian Universalists do not proclaim a set body of beliefs, but our congregations “affirm and promote” Seven Principles that help define what it means to be a “UU”. But do I live my life honoring these Seven Principles? And if I do not, am I not also a hypocrite? This Sunday we will discuss “Living Our Principles” in the light of hypocrisy.

Peace, joy, and love,

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