Meeting for Business

We will meet for business at the beginning of our Spiritual Outing on the first Sunday of October, at Deegan-Hinkle Lake, to accept new members, followed by a book signing. If you are considering membership and have not yet let us know, please email

From our Bylaws “Any person age 12 or over who joins in the Purpose and Covenant of this community may become a member after recommendation by the Ministry and Oversight Committee, acceptance by the congregation at a monthly meeting, and signing the Membership Book. All who sign the Membership Book shall become eligible to vote thirty (30) days after they sign. To remain a member, a person participates in the affairs of the community, remains in right relationship, and contributes time, money, or both.”

If you have additional items for the agenda, please email by September 26 so we can post a revised agenda by the ten-day deadline.

Lisa deGruyter, Moderator