Jesus’ Financial Text of Terror

Here’s a small Biblical light on “Economic Justice” from a Mennonite perspective. In her sermon, “Jesus’ Financial Text of Terror“, Amy Yoder McGloughlin, pastor at Frazer Mennonite Church, Frazer, Pennsylvania, interprets Mark 10:17-31 as a lesson on Capitalism for us all.

— Robert

Here’s what is so problematic about this whole story, and probably why this text is not taken more seriously in Christian circles — In capitalism, redistributive justice is heresy. The justice that cares that all are fed, that all have what they need to live goes against the over-simplistic “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” philosophy of capitalism. But for Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, redestributive justice is the kingdom of God. So those of us who are rich have reason to be concerned by this text. If we take it seriously it has an important challenge for us.

Autumn Crocus