Sunday, June 30, 2019: Reason as a Spiritual Practice

Reasoning together about what we love, and about all the social implications and complexities of love, in continuous consultation, has been a built-in part from the very beginning of the free church tradition from which we Unitarian Universalists have come.
– Alice Blair Wesley, The Lay and Liberal Doctrine of the Church: The Spirit and the Promise of Our Covenant (Minns Lectures 2000-01)

Last week, one of the participants in our Dismas class Spirit in Practice asked if energy or belief was more important. We need both – we need to know how to direct our energy, and we need both compassion and reason to find that direction. Much of what we think of as spiritual practice is devoted to developing compassion or to seeing our interconnectedness. But developing reason so that we can judge causes and consequences is also vital. Lisa deGruyter will lead the service this week.

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