Meetings for Business

First Sunday is our meeting for business, after the service. It is a consensus process with a few exceptions. We rarely have agenda items, and don’t always meet. Everyone, member or not, is invited to participate in the discussions. If you have questions or would like to hear about our process, please come at 10 this Sunday for a discussion.

Lisa deGruyter, Moderator

From the Bylaws:

Ultimate authority is vested in the congregation as expressed in Annual, Monthly, and Special Meetings. The following powers may not be delegated, but may only be exercised by the congregation: the employment or release of the minister and the amount of the minister’s annual salary and benefits; the location of any church buildings and grounds and their purchase or sale; the requirements of membership; approval of the annual budget for the operating fund; ratification or amendment of the bylaws.

It is the intent of the congregation to maintain a community in which everyone is a leader, and to reach decisions collaboratively by agreement, through discernment by the Moderator of what is agreed to by the group, and confirmed by those present. Most decisions are not made by vote, nor do they require unanimity, but other opinions must be sought and thoroughly considered. Those who are participating in the community but not yet members, including children, may participate in discussion so long as they abide by the covenant, and members should take into consideration the needs of non-members and the wider community. It is also the intent of the congregation that most decisions will be entrusted to committees and individuals, within the spirit of the purpose and covenant, and within policy and guidelines established by the congregation. This business practice is democratic action where all participants are equal in their right and obligation to contribute in a spirit of reasonableness and forbearance.

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Covenant of Right Relations
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