Sunday, 5 March 2023: We Are One

The seeming lack of animation and organization in earth, air, liquids, and metals is, as Leibniz guessed long ago, an illusion of our senses. Furthermore, the strict determinism of classical physics is now seriously challenged or rejected by many, perhaps most, physicists. For all we can know, when an atom of uranium turns into an atom of lead, it may be a spontaneous act of the atom. No law determines when it happens.

Charles Hartshorne, “A New World and a New World View,” in The Life of Choice, ed. Clark Kucheman, Beacon Press, (1978)

Lisa deGruyter will offer music, words, poetry, and talk relating to UU philosopher Charles Hartshorne and his process theology. As he says “Some call it “process philosophy.” It changes everything. For example, it gives a new answer to the old question, “Why does God not prevent suffering and evil?” and also to the question, “Why do animals all die?”

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