Blessed Litha

The longest day of the year has arrived. Summer is finally here. This is a major holiday for pagan communities all over the world.

Have a Blessed and wonderful day!


Program 487: Scandinavian Solstice; Italy 2017

Release Date: 06-17-2017


Hear how the summer solstice is celebrated in Scandinavia, where the official start of summer is a big deal. Then listen in as Italian friends discuss the effects of their country’s high unemployment rate — and how Italians are meeting the challenge — before taking listener calls to share tips for a “dolce vita” vacation. And come along as we visit with some Tuscan craftsmen keeping traditions alive in their hill town home.


  • Pal Johansen, tour guide from Oslo
  • Nina Bernardo, Italy tour guide from Rome
  • Cecilia Bottai, Italian tour guide and vintner
  • Ann Long, Italy tour guide from Sorrento
  • Feature on Montepulciano, Italy from Cameron Hewitt 

Picture Credit Michael A. Michail

Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go seems to have taken over the thoughts of America right now. We found this post from the UU church in Fresno and thought we would share. 



PS: also if you are out there playing, pick up some litter and be careful.