Inner Peace and Stillness

Breathed into the World by Rev. Sandra Fees

Whoever you are, wherever you go,

May you know the stillness of winter

and the call to love.

May you see the moon

silvering the night sky

and let the dark of midnight

plunge you into your truest self

and fling you back out again

to a world in need of who you are.

May there be the familiar carols

you know by heart

and new melodies to set you free.

May there be feasting and frolicking,

kindness and wonderment.

And may there be wise people

to follow a star in the East

and a child to teach us to love

and enough magic

to let the imagination go wild,

to let Christmas arrive with its enchantments,

with its glitter, glow, and gold,

to let what wants to be born break through.

May the presence of the holy

crowd out fear, hate, and worry

and proclaim in this moment

that peace and goodwill might yet

be breathed into the world,

and avow that we too can give birth to love,

wherever we go, whoever we are.

Mysticism is part of Stillness

“What does it mean to be still and know I am God? The instruction to be still in Hebrew means to let go, stop striving, slacken and let drop. It’s a picture of loosening our clenched grip on the circumstances and outcome and trusting God… I’m the first to admit that being still goes against my instinct. We are fixers.  We want to make it happen and just keep pushing through. But the call to be still is a call to surrender.” – Lisa Apello

In This Time of Waiting (Advent Prayer) by Cricket Hall

Close-up study of a fir branch, with green needles

In this time of waiting, may we hold the world in our hearts.

In this time of waiting, may we hold each other’s hands.

In this time of waiting, may we be thoughtful and introspective.

In this time of waiting, may we delight in the darkness and all it teaches us.

In this time of waiting, may we rekindle the fires of hope, love, joy, and peace within ourselves and our communities.

In this time of waiting, may we become ready for the coming day.

Just Breathe

Breath Meditation by Rev. Samuel A Trumbore

Let us turn inward now

Feel the rhythm of the breath.

In and out, In and out,

Find the peace of just being with the flow of the breath.

Letting go of yesterday and tomorrow.

Feel the restorative power of the peace of this moment.

A peace, large enough to open

to the concerns and sorrows that trouble us.

A stillness, quiet enough to respond

to the joys and celebrations that enliven us.

There is safety here in the rhythm of the breath.

The ebb and flow of life is enacted with each one.

Taking in oxygen sustenance,

Letting go of carbon dioxide waste.

Taking in the fullness of experience

Letting go of the residue that wants to cling to us.

Cultivate inner peace and inner safety

in this sanctuary

dedicated to cultivating the Spirit of Life

dedicated to being a beacon of love for all beings.

Glitter Mindfulness Jars

“When we hear the word “stillness” we immediately think of it as the opposite of movement – but stillness is something quite different altogether. Stillness is an energetic quality of being… Stillness is a choice. It can be felt by living in a state of presence where we remain connected to ourselves and are completely present in our body… In this quality of presence there is something that ‘stands still’, but it is not absent of physical movement. Rather, it is our beingness that remains unaffected by any movement, action or doing even though it moves, acts and does. It is the depth of the ocean unaffected by its waves. It is the ability to surrender to our inner-heart and live from here in all that we do. Therefore, Stillness is not something we have to go in search of nor is it a journey into escapism or numbness. It is where we come from and what we are innately made of and thus it is our natural state of being.” – Serge Benhayon

A fun activity – Make Glitter Mindfulness Jars

A Month of Stillness

“Here are three of my own reasons for practicing the discipline of stillness:

  • I want to maintain perspective. If I don’t make time to be still, then I find myself in reactive mode—influenced by hundreds of little voices with big demands.
  • I want to stay connected to my true self. I don’t want to get confused, thinking that I am the image I present to the world. They are related, of course, but I want to live from the inside out.
  • I want more internal margin in my life. While I have been pursing external margin in my calendar and finances, I also want internal margin—more room to notice what matters most and be thankful for it.” – Michael Hyatt

This month we will be focusing on Stillness in our services and our posts. We will have meditations about stillness posted on Wednesdays and articles/information about the spiritual practice of stillness on Saturdays. We hope you will join us on our stillness journey.