Where does our answer come from?

Sunday 29 Apr 2012

George, Trayvon, and Spider-Stomping

Chalice Lighting

We light this candle as a symbol of our faith.
By its light may our vision be illumined;
By its warmth may our fellowship be encouraged;
And by its flame may our yearnings for peace, justice and the life of the spirit be enkindled.

Song: Come, Come, Whoever You Are

Come, come, whoever you are
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving
Ours is no caravan of despair
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Sunday 22 Apr 2012: Earth Day

Tygart Valley River

Earth Day

Picnic at Valley Falls State Park

Chalice Lighting

O hidden life that vibrates in each atom,
O hidden light that shines in each creature,
O hidden love that embraces everything in unity,
May all who feel one with you
Know that for this very reason we are one with all the others.

— adapted from Annie Besant

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