Activities for Day 2

The second principle is about Justice, equity and compassion in human relations or Being kind in all we do.

Here are some activities to help you celebrate the day:

As a family
Try to go the whole day without arguing. Focus on putting the wants and needs of your brother/ sister/ mother/ father/ husband/ wife before your own.

Make little gift baskets for the kids or the elderly in your neighborhood. One of our neighbors made our son an Easter basket (also a Halloween and Christmas basket). It made our son, my wife and me feel great. The cost of each basket was probably $5.

Donate Toys or books.

As an individual
Through Send Kids the World you can send postcards to the siblings of seriously ill children. Siblings often don’t understand what is going on and feel left out because of all the attention and cards a sick sibling receives. (Scroll down the web page and look for the link on the left side.)

“Want me to pick something up for you?” If you know someone is overwhelmed – perhaps by a new baby, family health issues, or something else – give them a call when you’re going out to the store. Ask if they’d like you to pick something up. We’ve been the beneficiaries of this random act of kindness, and it’s great.

Offer to buy someone else food.

Pay for the next person in the drive-through.

Go out to eat and tip your server double.