Chalica 2017 Day 5

For each day of Chalica we will offer activities, some are fun and some are more reflecting, a chalice lighting, and a meditation. Gather everyone together, light the chalice, and breathe into the principles with us each day.


  • Listen to a friend who needs to talk without offering advice.
  • Write a letter to someone in the legislature.
  • Find out how to get on the board at your church.
  • Find out when your City Council meets and plan to go to the next meeting.
  • Host a family meal and everyone gets to vote on what you will make.
  • Write a journal entry about what the democratic process means to you.
  • Watch a movie as a family, but everyone has to vote on what it’s going to be.

Chalice Lighting: (If you don’t have a chalice at home, remember that the point of a chalice is that it is a symbol so any candle will work.)

Reminder of the Inner Light By Gregory David Miller

This fire is a reminder of the light within us all;
the yearning for freedom,
the longing for truth,
the flame of intuition,
the torch of conscience.
We dedicate this service to the remembrance of this Holy Light.


There are two meditations. The second one is even fun for kids.

Give Voice to Mourning by Lindasusan Ulrich

The Great Pie-Rat Controversy by Naomi King


Here is a musical meditation as well. This is Dion’s “Abraham, Martin, and John” because it focuses on people who lived this principle.


Season’s Blessings,

PS: Very sorry this is a day late.