Chalica 2017 Day 6

For each day of Chalica we will offer activities, some are fun and some are more reflecting, a chalice lighting, and a meditation. Gather everyone together, light the chalice, and breathe into the principles with us each day.


  • Volunteer as a family or make a plan to volunteer on a regular basis
  • Write a Holiday card for a veteran, person, at a nursing home, or a neighbor
  • Go for a walk and randomly compliment people you pass.
  • Write a journal entry about what peace means to you
  • Write a journal entry about what liberty means to you
  • Write a journal entry about what justice means to you
  • Read stories of injustice from around the world
  • Read about other holidays from around the world.

Chalice Lighting: (If you don’t have a chalice at home, remember that the point of a chalice is that it is a symbol so any candle will work.)

 A Spark of Hope By Melanie Davis

If ever there were a time for a candle in the darkness,
this would be it.
Using a spark of hope,
kindle the flame of love,
ignite the light of peace,
and feed the flame of justice.


There are two meditations.

Beatitudes for Justice Builders by Lindi Ramsden

Children’s Christmas Sermon by Gary Kowalski

Here is a musical meditation as well. This is “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” by John & Yoko, The Plastic Ono Band with The Harlem Community Choir.


Season’s Blessings,