Sunday, March 31, 2019

Prelude: Disappear From Dear Evan Hansen

Welcome: All of us are welcome here; all of us are loved By Erika A. Hewitt

Welcome Song:  “Enter Rejoice and Come in”

Chalice Lighting: Come we now out of the darkness By Annie Foerster

The Principles: Kidciples Song

The Story for All Ages:  You Will be Found from Dear Evan Hansen

Offering and Response   (Unison)

For the gifts which we have received—and the gifts which we, ourselves, are—may we be truly grateful. Yet more than that, may we be committed to using these gifts to make a difference in the world: to increase love and justice; to decrease hatred and oppression; to expand beloved community; to share, and to keep sharing, as long as ever we can. Amen.

Hymn: Blue Boat Home

Reading: On this Trans Day of Visibility by Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

“On this Trans Day of Visibility, I am grateful for the many trans leaders, colleagues, friends, coworkers and loved ones who make Unitarian Universalism whole.

“”For trans people of faith who shape governance on congregational, regional and national boards.

“For trans people of faith who teach religious education and nurture our children.

“For trans people of faith who are children and youth, may you be nurtured in a community that loves and celebrates you in the fullness of your being.

“I am grateful for trans people of faith who strengthen membership and foster community in our congregations.

“For trans people of faith who are organizing and on the front lines and advancing values of human dignity, justice and equity.

“For trans people of faith who are leading our congregations and those in seminary preparing to minister to the needs of the world.

“For trans people of faith who bring the gifts of music and the arts.

“For trans people of faith who serve congregations as Association staff.

“I am humbled and deeply moved by the prophetic vision of trans religious professionals and lay people across our movement who sustain and grow this vital religious tradition. Wherever you are on your journey, please know that you are seen, you are loved, and you are needed to make this Unitarian Universalist faith whole. On this day of visibility may we recommit our hearts, our spirits and our congregations to nurturing communities that celebrate every person for the sacred gift that they are, in the fullness of their being.”

Lesson: Why You Matter?

L: Today I’m here to talk about why we, as individuals, matter.  I feel like it’s very common and this world for people to self deprecate and make harmful jokes about themselves, and most people don’t realize that they have accidentally trained themselves to do it.

P :  You are loved.  There are people who care about you.  You occupy an important position in the lives of people who cherish you.  They would feel your absence very strongly.

R: You have talents.  You have a point of view all your own.  Everything you know, your skills, and your experiences make you unique.  There are over seven billion human beings on Earth, but there is only one you.

L:  Sometimes people make it hard for us to see our own value.  Some people will push you down with their strength, money, power, and influence.   Cruel words and actions can make us question our own worth.

P: You don’t have to be famous to be important.  Every action you take, every word you say has an affect on people and events around you.  Your smile, your patience, your kindness all make the world better for someone who will spread positive words and actions with others.  You matter because you have an effect on your world.

R: Every moment is a opportunity.  You are part of that moment. You as an key ingredient.

In 1943, Navy engineer Richard James was trying to figure out how to use springs to keep the sensitive instruments aboard ships from rocking themselves to death, when he knocked one of his prototypes over. Instead of crashing to the floor, it gracefully sprang downward, and then righted itself. The spring, re-named “Slinky”, became a beloved toy of many childhoods and  300 million have been sold worldwide!

L: You matter.

P: You are important!

R: The world would not be what it is without you.

 Prayer: Prayer for Transgender Day of Visibility by Mr. Barb Greve

Blessed are the trailblazers,
who brought us this far,
and are still trailblazing…
still celebrating.

Blessed are the drag queens and kings,
who remind us to not take life too seriously.

Blessed are the gender benders, non-binary, gender fluid, and third-gender folk, those who challenge us to reframe our gender paradigm.

Blessed are the young ones,
who present fearlessly from the start.

Blessed are their parents
who make space for freedom,
and love their children fiercely.

Blessed are the siblings and relatives,
who educate, support, and love us as we are.

Blessed are the gender queer youth,
who are struggling and persist.

Blessed are the 90-year olds just coming out,
and those who have been out decades.

Blessed are those whose lives were cut too short,
may their stories live on through us.

Blessed are the survivors,
may they keep on living.

Blessed are the allies,
learning to be accomplices.

Blessed are those gathered here today,

May we all commit to continue showing up,
fighting for justice,
celebrating all the genders in life.


 Joys and Sorrows

If you woke this morning with a sorrow so heavy that you need the help of this community to carry it;

or if you woke with a joy so great that it simply must be shared, now is the time for you to speak.


For the joys and sorrows that haven’t been spoken, but which remain in the silent sanctuaries of our hearts.

These joys and griefs, spoken and unspoken, weave us together in the fabric of community.

Silent Meditation – Remembering that here in this space small child noises count as silence and stillness

 Hymn: Come Sing a Song with me

Benediction: Share Your Glorious Light with the World By James Morison

Closing Song: Go Now in Peace (Repeat 3 times)

Go now in peace. Go now in peace, may our love and care surround you, everywhere, everywhere, you may go.


“Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. You know, nine hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before.” – Dr. Who – from the episode “A Christmas Carol.

Brought to you by our youth


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